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  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Jose, R. A.; Rakhmadieva, S. B.; De Borggraeve, W.; Dehaen, W. (2014-07-03)
    Raw material of Senecio viscosus L. (Compositae) first yielded the pyrrolizidine alkaloid senecionine in 0.06–0.075% yield and then the alkaloids squalidine and S-F were isolated by chromatography and their structures were ...
  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Tkachev, A. V.; Adekenov, S. M. (2014-07-03)
    Essential oil from the aerial part of Siberian wild and cultivated Artemisia dracunculus L. (AD, tarragon) was studied previously by GC–MS.
  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Raldugin, V. A.; Shakirov, M. M.; Adekenov, S. M. (2014-07-03)
    The sidechain of the germacranolide stizolicin was oxidized by CrO3 in Py to form a lactone. The structure of the product was established as 4,5α-epoxy-7α,5,6,8β(H)-germacr-1(10),11(13)-dien-8α(3′-oxo-2′,5′-dihydrofuran- ...
  • Kikhanova, Zh. S.; Iskakova, Zh. B.; Dzhalmakhanbetova, R. I.; Seilkhanov, T. M.; Ross, S. A.; Suleimen, E. M. (2014-07-03)
    We studied the phytochemistry of the aerial part of Artemisia austriaca Jacq. collected in Akmolin Oblast in July 2013. Several sesquiterpene lactones (austricin, hydroxyachillin, anhydroaustricin, arborescin, santonin, ...
  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Machmudah, S.; Sasaki, M.; Goto, M. (2014-07-03)
    Tea of Eryngium planum L. has long been used in European folk medicine to treat whooping cough and coughing. The use of this plant for tuberculosis and as a diuretic has been reported. The effect of its extract on several ...

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