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  • Berezhnoi, E.I. (The Eurasian National University, 2013)
    For monotonic functions necessary and sufficient conditions are investigated ensuring the equivalence of a function and of an integral containing that function. Factorization theorems (Schur tests) are proved for the ...
  • Bandaliev, R.A. (The Eurasian National University, 2013)
    In this paper two-weighted inequalities for the Hardy operator and its dual operator acting from one weighted variable Lebesgue space to another weighted variable Lebesgue space are proved. In particular, sufficient ...
  • Ramazanov, M.D.; Rakhmatullin, D.Y. (The Eurasian National University, 2013)
    In this note we discuss new theoretical results on Sobolev lattice formulas and applications to programmes for multi-dimensional approximate integrating and solving integral equations.
  • Matveev, S.K.; Jaichibekov, N.Zh. (The Eurasian National University, 2013)
    In this paper, an approximate solution of the problem of the structure of shock waves in gases is presented. Changes of the average magnitude of density, speed and internal energy of gas along with the width of the shock ...
  • Azzouz, N.; Halim, B.; Senouci, A. (The Eurasian National University, 2013)
    A Hardy-type inequality for 0 < p < 1 with sharp constant is established in [7], [4]. The aim of this work is to extend this inequality for the weighted Hardy operator.

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