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03. Статьи

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  • Persson, Lars-Erik; Oinarov, Ryskul; Shaimardan, Serikbol (Journal of Inequalities and Applications, 2018)
    The first power weighted version of Hardy's inequality can be rewritten as integral(infinity)(0) (x(alpha-1) integral(x)(0) 1/t(alpha)f(t)dt)(p) dx <= [p/p - alpha - 1](p) integral(infinity)(0)f(p)(x)dx, f >= 0, p >= ...
  • Momeni, Davood; Faizal, Mir; Alsaleh, Salwa; Alasfar, Lina; Myrzakul, Aizhan; Myrzakulov, Ratbay (European physical journal C, 2018-09)
    In this paper, we will analyze the connection between the fidelity susceptibility, the holographic complexity and the thermodynamic volume. We will regularize the fidelity susceptibility and the holographic complexity by ...
  • Zhupankhan, Aibek; Tussupova, Kamshat; Berndtsson, Ronny (Hydrological Sciences Journal, 2018)
    Central Asia is one of the regions with the highest probability of conflicts over water. Kazakhstan is the main Central Asian economic power and therefore it is important to understand how the country's water management ...
  • Tashenov, Yerbolat; Daniels, Mathias; Robeyns, Koen; Van Meervelt, Luc; Dehaen, Wim; Suleimen, Yerlan M.; Szakonyi, Zsolt (Molecules, 2018)
    A library of bidentate diols, as well as tridentate triols and aminodiols, derived from (+)-sabinol, was synthesized in a stereoselective manner. Sabinol was transformed into allylic trichloroacetamide via Overman rearrangement ...
  • Momeni, Davood; Faizal, Mir; Myrzakul, Aizhan; Myrzakulov, Ratbay (International Journal of modern physics A, 2018)
    In order to analyze the fidelity susceptibility of nonrelativistic field theories, which are important in condensed matter systems, we generalize the proposal to obtain the fidelity susceptibility holographically to Lifshitz ...

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