04. Eurasian journal of physics and functional materials

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04. Eurasian journal of physics and functional materials


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  • Mantel, A.; Irgibaeva, I.; Aldongarov, A.; Barashkov, N. (2017)
    We have developed method of preparation of luminescent polymer films based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), organic dyestilben 420 (St420) and silver nanoparticles (AgNPs). Concentration of St420 which provides most efficient ...
  • Hue, B.M.; Isataev, T.; Lukyanov, S.M.; Mendibaev, K.; Artukh, A.G.; Aznabayev, D.; Borcea, C.; Cuong, P.V.; Erdemchimeg, B.; Klygin, S.A.; Kononenko, G.A.; Kuterbekov, K.A.; Maslov, V.A.; Ostashko, V.; Penionzhkevich, Yu.E.; Rotaru, F.; Sereda, Yu.; Vorontsov, A.N.; Thiep, T.D. (2017)
    Neutron-removal cross-section ( σ−xn ) measurements of neutron-rich light nuclei were performed on the COMBAS fragment-separator with a multi-detector Si telescope at intermediate energies (22-34) MeV/nucleon. The removals ...
  • Mendibaev, K.; Hue, B.M.; Lukyanov, S.M.; Aznabayev, D.; Borcea, C.; Maslov, V.A.; Penionzhkevich, Yu.E.; Rotaru, F.; Sivacˇek, I.; Skobelev, N.K.; Smirnov, A.A.; Kuterbekov, K.A. (2017)
    Inclusive energy spectra have been measured for light charged particles emitted in the bombardment of Ta target by 48Ca ions at 261 MeV and 471 MeV. The reaction products were analyzed and detected by means of a ( ∆E × E ...
  • Lukyanov, S.M.; Denikin, A.S.; Naumenko, M.A.; Burjan, V.; Trzaska, W.H.; Harakeh, M.; Etasse, D.; Kroha, V.; Mrazek, J.; Mendibayev, K.; Sivacˇek, I.; Glagolev, V.; Piskorˇ, Š.; Penionzhkevich, Yu.E.; Skobelev, N.K.; Stefan, I.; Verney, D.; Kuterbekov, K.A.; Zholdybayev, T. (2017)
  • Balapanov, M.Kh.; Kuterbekov, K.A.; Kubenova, M.M.; Ishembetov, R.Kh.; Akhmetgaliev, B.M.; Yakshibaev, R.A. (2017)
    The results of studies of the ionic conductivity and the conjugated chemical diffusion coefficients (CCDC) in the nonstoichiometric LixCu1.75Se (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.25) ternary alloys are presented. It has been observed that the ...

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